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Program Overview
The M.S. in Mathematics is designed for those with a strong undergraduate background in mathematics who wish to better prepare themselves for careers in applied mathematics or in the teaching of mathematics. The program is designed so that the student can concentrate in an area of Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Operation Research or in Teaching of Secondary Mathematics. For the latter concentration, students may earn up to 12 hours of course work in education, and apply them toward secondary teaching certification. Courses are scheduled to
accommodate the evening student.

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Admission to the Program 

Requirements for admission to the Program:
Students must fulfill the requirements for admission to the Graduate College.
The student must have a standard calculus sequence and 6 undergraduate courses after calculus. A B average is
required in these six courses. A student with four or more of these courses may be admitted conditionally at the discretion of the advisor. For the student who is less well prepared, additional course work must be taken before admittance to the program

Degree Requirements 

Degree Requirements
The program consists of 10 courses (30 credit hours) selected according to the concentration. At least seven of the courses must be at the 400 level. Up to six hours of graduate transfer credit may be applied to the program with the approval of the Graduate College and the Department of Mathematics. Students are cautioned that at most THREE 300-level courses may be applied to meet the degree requirements. As a consequence, students needing more than THREE 300 level courses may have to take more than 30 credit hours to complete the program. In addition, students are  expected to be familiar with at least one mathematics or statistical computer package,  such as  Maple, Matlab, SPSS, SAS etc. The student's complete program must be approved by the advisor.

Program Contact Information 

For further information, please contact the program advisor Professor Philip Gwanyama.

Telephone: 773-442-5781
Office:  BBH 218B


Project (Secondary Education)
Each student must carry out a three credit hour project in the area of concentration under the supervision of a faculty advisor. In order to register for the project course Math 495, students must submit a signed topic approval form. Upon completion of the project, students must submit an approved written project report and present an oral report.
Comprehensive Exam (Secondary Education)
All students must pass a written qualifying examination, which ensures that students meet the standards that qualify them for the master degree in mathematics. The exam should be taken and passed before applying  for candidacy. The exam will cover basic topics in algebra, geometry and calculus. No  more than three attempts are permitted.
Certification (Secondary Education)
Requirements for certification should be met before completion of the program. Those seeking certification through the program will be required to take additional Education courses, including student teaching, which are not applicable to the program


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