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The undergraduate program in Mathematics leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and has been designed to provide the students with options suitable for various career plans.  Mathematics provides tools and techniques that can be applied to solve problems in many fields. With a major in Mathematics, students learn to apply these tools, and consequently improve their career opportunities. Our programs are designed to prepare
Mathematics majors for jobs currently offered by industry, business, educational and government institutions. The choice of a concentration should reflect the student’s academic interests as well as career plans.

Concentration in Secondary Education Mathematics is designed to provide future high school teachers with a strong background in the   mathematical concepts and applications. Students wishing to be certified to teach mathematics in secondary  schools should follow the professional sequence in Secondary Education from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Important: Students wishing to be certified to teach mathematics in secondary schools should follow the  professional sequence in Secondary Education from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. This requires 28 credit hours of coursework in the College of Education. Contact Mr. Michael Bochnewych, SCED Advisor, Lech  Walesa Hall, phone (773) 442-5387 or see the department website below.

Department Website

Admission to the Program 

Students may declare the major in Mathematics at any time after admission to the university.  The declaration forms can be found online at or outside the Mathematics offices in BBH 214B.  Students must bring the completed and signed form to the Mathematics office.

Degree Requirements 

In addition to the University degree requirements, the Mathematics Major has 24 required credits and 21 elective credits for a total of 45 credits.  


Required Courses:
MATH 187- Calculus I...................................................4 cr.
MATH 202-  Calculus II..................................................4 cr.
MATH 203-  Calculus III.................................................4 cr.
MATH 251- Discrete Mathematics.......................... ...3 cr.
MATH 253- Linear Algebra                                          3 cr.
MATH 340- Computing for Mathematicians.........  ....4 cr.
MATH 305- Probability and Statistics…………...    ..3 cr.
MATH 312- Foundations of Geometry...............  .... ..3 cr.
MATH 321- History of Mathematics……….…       …3 cr.
MATH 331- Foundations of Algebra…………  … ....3 cr.
MATH 338- Advanced Calculus: Single Variable  …3 cr.

Two Mathematics 300-level elective courses approved by
the Math Department (see the list above)…… ….6 c

Total                                                                         45 cr.


Students wishing to be certified to teach mathematics in secondary schools should consult the Secondary Education section of the catalog.


Summer Research/Internships
Research at NEIU (Paid)
REU – Arizona State University (Paid)
Harvard Medical School (Paid)
REU – University of North Carolina (Paid)
Golden Apples Scholars Program
McNair Scholars
Gear UP (Paid)
Service (during the academic year and could be paid)
Peer Leader, Mathematics Enrichment Workshop Program
Mathematics Department Tutor (located in SCSE, BBH 247)
Tutor for Gear UP
Tutor for Grow Your Own (TAP Exam)
Tutor for the Math Lab
What can you do with a BA degree in Math from NEIU?
Here is what some of our recent alumni are up to:

MS in Mathematics at NEIU
PhD in Applied Mathematics at UC Santa Cruz
PhD in Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University
PhD in Applied Mathematics at McGill University
MS in Statistics at University of Michigan
MS in Statistics at Northwestern University
MS in Math Education at UIC
WNS Global Services
CPS Teacher – Elementary and High School
Web Developer – Technology Company
Software Developer
Engineering at UIUC
Private Tutoring Company
Engineering Firms
Financial Firms
US Department of Treasury

Careers & Employment 

Our tracks are designed to prepare a mathematics major for jobs in industrial, business, and educational institutions. The choice of a track in our program should reflect the student’s academic interests, as well as career plans.

Program Specific Deadlines 



Program Contact Information 

For further information on the Mathematics with concentration in Secondary Mathematics Major (B.A.) program,  please contact Professor Anna Mitina, Mathematics Department advisor for this program.

Office: BBH 218C
Telephone:  (773) 442-5778


Other important information
Declaring the major:
Declaration of Major forms are available from your advisor or Mathematics Department offices.
To accommodate working students most of our upper level courses are offered in the later afternoon and evening.
D-grade policy: Courses in which a student has earned a D will not count toward meeting graduation requirements in Mathematics. The student may either repeat the course or, if the course is not required in the program, take an alternate course. The same applies to courses transferred from other institutions.
Tutored study:
Tutored study allows a student to take a course listed in the catalog but which is not regularly offered. Students
meet individually with the instructor several hours a week. Tutored study courses require approval of the Department Chair and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Required courses are not given on a tutored study basis. No instructor is under the obligation to offer tutored studies.
Residency requirement:
All students majoring in Mathematics at Northeastern Illinois University are required to take at least four 300-level Mathematics courses (chosen with the approval of the advisor) and a total of 15 credits in the major in residency.
Other requirements:
Students are responsible for satisfying General Education and University requirements (including computer literacy requirements, which require familiarity with the library computer systems). All students are required to complete at
least 42 300-level credit hours.
Recent changes in the Math Major Program:
Coursework requirements for Applied Mathematics Majors in this handbook are effective for students who declared this major after August 25, 2013. Those who declared before this date may choose to follow either the current requirements or previous requirements.  An Applied Math Major who declared before August 25, 2013
should consult the advisor when making a choice of requirements.

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