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Katherine Bird portrait image

Katherine Bird

Advisor for Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Mathematics, M.A.
(773) 442-5754
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 225D
John Brozyna portrait image
Bernard Brommel Hall, 204H
Sarah Cordell portrait image

Sarah Cordell

Coordinator of MEWP program and the Mathematics EMERGE program
(773) 442-5751
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 225C
Peter Finley portrait image
(773) 442-5777
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 204A
Lidia Filus portrait image

Lidia Filus

(773) 442-5784
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 212B
Joseph Gleyzer portrait image
(773) 442-5761
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 214A
Beverly Gonzalez portrait image
(773) 442-5779
Bernard Brommel Hall, 204H
Matthew Graham portrait image
Bernard Brommel Hall, 225C
Sharda K. Gudehithlu portrait image

Sharda Gudehithlu

Online Instructor
Contact via email
Philip W. Gwanyama portrait image

Philip Gwanyama

Advisor for Mathematics Secondary Education Concentration, M.S.
(773) 442-5781
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 218B
Fayyaz Hafeez portrait image
(773) 442-5755
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 204A
Joseph Hibdon portrait image

Joseph Hibdon

Advisor for Applied Mathematics, M.S. and for Mathematics Minor
(773) 442-5782
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 212A
Nabil Kahouadji portrait image
(773) 442-5760
Bernard Brommel Hall, 221B
Anna Kupiec portrait image
(773) 442-5760
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 212C
Vartuyi Manoyan portrait image
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 204H
Anna Mitina portrait image

Anna Mitina

Advisor for - Secondary Education Mathematics, B.A.
(773) 442-5778
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 218C
Olutayo Oladunni portrait image

Olutayo Oladunni

Bernard J Brommel Hall, 204H
Pierre Pouladdege portrait image
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 204A
Marina Polyashuk portrait image

Marina Polyashuk

Advisor for Applied Mathematics, B.A.
(773) 442-5774
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 212D
Waleed Rehani portrait image

Waleed Rehani

Mathematics Department Instructor and Math Specialist for the Learning Support Center
773-442-5761, Math & x5769 LSC
BBH 214A and LSC Library 454B
Gita Resnicoff portrait image
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 212C
Rakesh Rustagi portrait image
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 204DH
Emma A. M. Turian portrait image
(773) 442-4893
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 218A
Zhiwei Wang portrait image
(773) 442-4239
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 221B
Zhonggang Zeng portrait image
(773) 442-5763
Bernard J. Brommel Hall, 218D
Shan Wang portrait image
Brommel Hall, 212C
Nancy C. Wrinkle portrait image

Nancy Wrinkle



Mathematics Faculty

T 773-442-5760

F 773-442-5770

Mathematics Faculty

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