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NEIU, Major in Mathematics, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago,

The last day course permission form requests will be processed- for Math 100-level and above courses – for the Fall 2016 term is 5:00pm on Monday August 22, 2016.  The department will make every effort to process, forms received before this time.   If you still need to enroll in a course, lease plan on attending the first day of class and request permission from the instructor to enroll.  In addition to the instructor’s permission, course prerequisites must be met.

The  fundamental objective of the Department of Mathematics is to provide and promote knowledge, a critical understanding, and applications of mathematics. We teach a variety of skills and offer a variety of supplemental support programs to support you in developing a strong foundation in mathematics. The mission of this website is to inform you about the programs the Department of Mathematics offers at Northeastern Illinois University.

Please see Mathematics Department News and Events page to find out the latest news.

What's great is that because math is such a universal language, really, our fans come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and genders and races and backgrounds and cultures.

David Krumholtz,
American Actor in the TV show, NUMB3RS

Mathematician Marian Gidea writing equations


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