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LLAS Film Collection

The LLAS Film Collection includes documentaries and feature films that relate to the themes in our program. Films are available to check out from the LLAS office (LWH 2096) for faculty and LLAS majors/minors (with a valid NEIU ID).



Harvard academic Henry Louis Gates Jr. hosts this four-part series that explores colonialism, slavery and the influence of African culture in Latin America, making stops in 1) Haiti and Dominican Republic, 2) Cuba, 3) Brazil and 4) Mexico and Peru.



Arizona lawmakers are trying to shut down Tucson High School's successful Mexican American Studies program because they believe students are being indoctrinated with dangerous ideology and embracing destructive ethnic chauvinism. Precious Knowledge illustrates what motivates Tuscon High School students and teachers to form the front line of an epic civil rights battle.

Voices from Mariel (Los Marielitos, Then and Now)


In 1980, nearly 125,000 Cubans fled their country in hundreds of boats, heading for the US and a chance at a better life. Told through the previously unrecorded stories of ten Cuban-American families, Voices from Mariel examines the legacy of Los Marielitos and considers where that short but dangerous trip across the Straits of Florida has taken them in the decades since the Mariel boatlift. Portions with English subtitles.

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