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FALL 2015

LLAS 101-L18: Intro to Latino & Latin American Studies

CRN 10472
6:10 – 8:50 pm
El Centro
Instructor:  Patricio Rizzo-Vast

Intro to Latino and Latin American Studies focuses on the commonalities and differences among what are broadly considered “Latinos,” the people of Latin America as well as the people of Latin American origin living in the Unites States

(FYE) LLAS 109-1 Art, Thought and Revolution in Chicago

MWF 12 – 12:50 pm
Instructor: Patricio Rizzo-Vast

This First Year Experience (FYE) course explores the cultural life of Latinos through literature, murals, music, folklore and other forms of art and popular culture. It highlights central themes and symbols in Latino artistic expression, focusing on how these are shaped by regional differences as well as the interaction of Latinos with American society at large.



LLAS 201–1 MW 5:40–6:55 pm Ortiz
LLAS-201–2 TR 1:40–2:55 pm Garcia

Learn about the socio-economic experiences of Latino groups – Chicanos/Mexicans/Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans,
Dominicans, Central and South Americans – as well as issues of identity, pan-ethnicity, representations of group politics, language, gender and class conflicts.

(Fulfills LLAS and SPAN WIP requirement and Improving Human Relations Requirement)


Monday 7:05 – 9:45 pm FA 216
Instructor: Victor Ortiz
CRN 10845
This course explores key social determinants
of people of Latin American ancestry or origin in the U.S.A.


Latino and Latin American Studies

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