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Spring 2015

LLAS 312-1 Introduction to the Barrio

Main Campus
TR 1:40 - 2:55 PM
(CRN 22501)
Instuctor: Victor Ortiz
Improve your research skills while getting to know your own neighborhood as a scholar. This course will make extensive and intensive use of on-line resources. There will be SIX CLASSROOM MEETINGS. The rest of the course meetings will be conducted on line. Most of the work will be done via electronic media and resources and include significant teamwork with your classmates. Questions? Contact Victor Ortiz at

LLAS 351-1 Latinos and Immigration

Main Campus

Thursdays 7:05 - 9:45 PM
(CRN 23513)

Despite the fact that two thirds of Latinos were born in the United States, they are persistently seen as immigrants. Why? And, how does this misconception impact Latinos and society in general? This course focuses on those questions and examines the changing realities of Latinos and immigration.

HIST 392-2 Problems In History

Main Campus - LWH 2109
MW 4:15 - 5:30 PM
(CRN 23236)
Instructor: Christina Bueno

This course will focus on revolutions in modern Latin America, placing special emphasis on the Cold War and the movements that exist today.


PHIL 366-1: Feminist Ethics

Main Campus - LWH 3044

MWF 12:00 - 12:50 PM
(CRN: 22578)
Instructor: Tyler Zimmer
Feminist philosophy aims to aims to re-think the history of philosophy and take seriously what important figures of the past had to say about gender and sexuality. It also applies to the resources of contemporary philosophy to important problems that have typically been given short shrift by mainstream philosophers. Thirdly, it produces new theories and concepts to amplify our understanding of philosophical problems associated with the status of gender in the modern world

Summer 1A Study Abroad Tour: Peru

Latino and Latin American Studies

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LLAS Faculty and Staff

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