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Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Telephone: (773) 442-4793

Fax: (773) 442-4900
TTY-TTD (Typewriter telephone for the hearing impaired): (773) 442-4999 (incoming only)

At Northeastern Illinois University, every faculty and staff member impacts the quality of the university's educational experience. As such, NEIU offers its faculty and staff many resources in order to create a warm and supportive work environment, including: user-friendly technology, teaching support, and much more.

Emily Garcia PhD portrait image

Emily Garcia

Latina/o & Latin American Studies Coordinator and Program Advisor
(773) 442-5563
Ann Botz portrait image

Ann Botz

Office Administator
LWH 2096
Wilfredo Alvarez portrait image
(773) 442-5954
FA 229
Brandon P Bisbey Ph.D. portrait image

Brandon Bisbey

Assistant Professor of Spanish
(773) 442-4622
Lech Walesa Hall 2042
Christina M. Bueno portrait image
(773) 442-5608
Lech Walesa Hall 4087
Gabriel A. Cortez Ph.D. portrait image

Gabriel Cortez

Educational Leadership and Development
(773) 442-5537
LWH 4016
Maria E. De La Torre Ph.D. portrait image
(773) 442-5452
LWH 4072
Francisco X Gaytan PhD, MSW portrait image

Francisco Gaytan

Director of ENLACE Leadership Institute, Interim Coordinator of Latino/a & Latin American Studies
Ana Gil-Garcia Ed.D. portrait image

Ana Gil-Garcia

Educational Leadership and Development
(773) 442-5525
LWH 3093
Dennis Grammenos portrait image

Dennis Grammenos

Geography Advisor
(773) 442-5641
BBH 344B
Bradley Greenburg portrait image
(773) 442-5467
Lech Walesa Hall 2008
Jon B. Hageman portrait image

Jon Hageman

Coordinator, University Honors Program
(773) 442-6045
BBH 141
Erica R Meiners portrait image

Erica Meiners

Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
Northeastern Illinois University, LWH 4008
Paul A Schroeder Rodriguez Ph.D. portrait image

Paul Schroeder Rodriguez

Department Chair, Professor of Spanish
World Languages and Cultures
(773) 442-4279
Lech Walesa Hall 2039
Brett Stockdill portrait image

Brett Stockdill

Chair, On Leave
Northeastern Illinois University

Latina/o and Latin American Studies

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