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Why a Social Justice Minor?

Inequality and injustice are powerful and harmful forces in society, but they are often invisible to us. The Social Justice minor arms students with both extensive knowledge about these forces, and the skills needed to combat them in the United States and throughout the world. Core issues you will explore include the nature of social inequality (e.g., racial, ethnic, class, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, etc.) that exist within systems of criminal justice, law, education, employment, health care, media, family, and human relationships and the competing interpretations of the causes of, and solutions to, inequality.

What Career Paths Might I Consider?

If you pursue a Social Justice Minor, you will learn about inequality and how this can be decreased through social policy.  You will also develop critical thinking and writing skills, and an understanding of how to conduct research. As a result, many of our students go into careers in advocacy and non-profit organizations, research within a variety of social science fields, teaching, and social work services. Many others continue onto law school or graduate school. Regardless of your career path, the knowledge gained in this minor will help you recognize and address inequalities in your own life.

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Degree Requirements 

6 Required Courses (18 credits)

(1) JUST 101: Introduction to Social Justice
(2) JUST 202: Justice and Inequality
(3) JUST 241: Research Methods in Justice Studies
(4) JUST 301: Theories of Justice and Social Change
(5) Elective #1: Any Justice Studies Department course
(6) Elective #2: Any Justice Studies Department course

Transfer Credits: The program will accept a maximum of 1 course (or 3 credits) in criminal justice or related courses that have been transferred from another college or university towards the minor, subject to approval by the Department Chair.

Note: Students majoring in Justice Studies at Northeastern are not eligible to complete the Social Justice Minor.


Recommended Electives

Although students may choose their two electives from any of the courses offered by the Justice Studies Department (other than JUST 101, 202, 241, and 301), we recommend the following:

JUST 314: Police and the Minority Community
JUST 316: Crime, Violence and Culture
JUST 319: Latinos/as and the Criminal Justice System
JUST 321: Violence Against Women
JUST 325: Women and Revolution: Theories of Justice
JUST 328: Social Justice and LGBTQ Issues
JUST 331: Law and Racism in America
JUST 332: Race and Ethnic Relations
JUST 337: Workers’ Rights and Human Rights
JUST 338: Introduction to Human Rights
JUST 343: Conflict Transformation
JUST 361: Five-Hundred Years of Resistance
JUST 362: Justice Issues in Africa
JUST 363: Globalization and the Pursuit of Justice
JUST 370: Immigration in Global Perspective
JUST 371: U.S. Immigration Policy and Human Rights in the Americas
JUST 382: Social Justice and Literature
JUST 383: Social Justice and the Visual Arts
JUST 390: Social Justice and the Environment
JUST 395: Hunger and Homelessness

Program Contact Information 

For more information about the Social Justice Minor, please contact the Justice Studies Department at (773) 442-4790 or by email at

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