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Welcome to the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. The Department is home to approximately 160 students in our three degree programs and two certificate programs.

Our degreed programs include:

The Department offers two Certificate programs:

We also offer three minors:

The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies (G&ES) offers a 36-credit hour major in Geography, a 42-credit hour major in Environmental Studies, and a 33-credit hour Master of Arts degree in Geography and Environmental Studies.  The department also has three 18-credit hour minors.  It also has an 18-credit hour Graduate Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate and a 15-credit hour Undergraduate GIS Certificate.

Both geography and environmental studies are broad fields of study bridging the human and natural environments.

In Geography, the emphasis is on location, distribution, and spatial processes which reflect and affect society and the natural environment.  Environmental Studies focuses on the health and restoration of the natural environment through policy and management, and also through environmental education and interpretation.  Both fields require both a local and a global view.

The Geography degree emphasizes courses in physical geography, human geography, regional geography, and techniques including computer cartography and Geographic Information Systems. Environmental Studies emphasizes the interface between the human and natural environments, and concentrates either in the area of policy and planning or education and interpretation. Both geography and environmental studies span the human and natural sciences, and therefore, come together nicely for a graduate M.A. in G&ES. The surrounding areas in Chicago offer many opportunities for internships, field excursions, volunteer work, and first-hand experience in environmental and geographic organizations throughout the region. The Department takes pride in its ability to integrate experiences in the local environment with traditional academic coursework. Environmental Studies students undertake an internship near the end of their program and it often leads directly to full time employment. We have seven full-time faculty members and enlist local professionals to teach courses in their area of specialty. This enriches our students' academic experience and establishes unique and valuable connections with the community.

Welcome again to the Department. Thank you for visiting this site and we hope to make your acquaintance if we have not done so already!

Geography & Environmental Studies

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