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The B.A. in English at NEIU offers students a foundation in critical and creative methods along with advanced study in literature, literary history and criticism, cultural studies, critical and cultural theory, rhetoric, creative writing, and composition. Courses develop students’ engagement with texts and their cultural and aesthetic contexts while advancing their abilities in creative and critical thinking, reading, and writing. The rigorous study of critical analysis and the craft of effective writing prepares students to engage in society and to compete in degree programs and fields as diverse as professional and technical writing, public relations, web content management and writing, teaching, research, publishing, marketing, library science, law, medicine, and many others.

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Admission to the Program 

To declare your English Major, please visit us in LWH-2011 to fill out your declaration form and to meet or make an appointment with out advisor.

Degree Requirements 

36 total credit hours of successfully completed coursework


ENG 210 WIP: Methods for English Majors

ENG 345 Practical Criticism


Choose three survey courses:


ENG 218 American Literature: Beginnings to 1865

ENG 219 American Literature: 1865 to Present

ENG 221 English Literature: Beginnings to c. 1750

ENG 222 English Literature: 1750 to Present


Choose one major author:


ENG 314 Chaucer and His Age

ENG 329 Milton

ENG 330 Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances

ENG 331 Shakespeare: Tragedies


Choose 18 hours of English electives from the four categories below with no more than 12 hours from any one category. Any 300-level English course will count as an English elective. Please note that this list is not complete:


English Literature

ENG 307 Medieval Literature: Arthurian Legend

ENG 308 English Literature from Beowulf to Malory

ENG 316 Forms of Poetry

ENG 321 Literature of the Romantic Movement

ENG 323 Shaw and the Modern British Drama

ENG 328 17th Century Literature

ENG 341 Restoration and 18th Century Literature I

ENG 342 Restoration and 18th Century Literature II

ENG 348 Prose and Poetry of the Victorian Age

ENG 350 The Victorian Novel

ENG 378 20th Century Fiction I

ENG 379 20th Century Fiction II


American Literature

ENG 312 Literature of Colonial Times

ENG 313 American Literary Renaissance: 1830–1860

ENG 318 Readings in American Literature

ENG 322 The American Short Story

ENG 361 Development of the American Novel

ENG 368 American Realism

ENG 378 20th Century Fiction I

ENG 379 20th Century Fiction II

ENG 380 Multi-Cultural Literature in America

ENG 381 African-American Literature

ENG 389 Contemporary Poetry


International Literature

ENG 324 The Romantic Novel

ENG 326 World Drama

ENG 333 Mythological Bkgrds. in English & American Lit.

ENG 334 Biblical Bkgrds. in English & American Lit.

ENG 337 Nobel Laureates

ENG 365 West Indian Literature

ENG 369 U.S. Latino/a Literature and Culture

ENG 370 Folklore and the Fairy Tale

ENG 371 Studies in Women’s Literature



ENG 235 Introduction to Creative Writing I

ENG 236 Introduction to Creative Writing II

ENG 316 Forms of Poetry

ENG 335 Written Communication for Business

ENG 376 Advanced Composition

ENG 377 Argumentative Prose

ENG 384 Creative Writing: Poetry I

ENG 385 Creative Writing: Poetry II

ENG 386 Creative Writing: Fiction I

ENG 387 Creative Writing: Fiction II


The Department offers talent scholarships, internship possibilities, as well as many research opportunities and opportunities to work closely with faculty in addition to having a vibrant student community, a literary journal for which students can work and write, and a chapter of the International English Honors society which offers scholarships and grants, publishing opportunities, internships, and opportunities to present research.

Program Contact Information 

For program information, contact:

Professor Ryan Poll, advisor, (773) 442-5824 (Lech Walesa Hall, Room 2099)

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