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Looking to go beyond local opportunities? The Department of Art organizes annual educational trips to areas in Italy, Peru or China.

Professor William Sieger leads the two-week Italy trip as a part of the ART-312 Painting of the Italian Renaissance course. The trip takes place every other spring (in even years) and overlaps with spring break so that students need only miss one week of classes. If you would like to participate, please contact William Sieger.

Professor Shencheng Xu leads the 10-day China trip most summers as a part of his ART-340 Advanced Sculpture course. For more information about this opportunity, please contact Shencheng Xu.

Professor Ana Nieves leads the Peru trip as a part of the ART-306 Andean Art and Architecture course. As part of this trip, students will explore the cities of Lima and Cuzco and visit museums and archaeological sites both on the coast and in the highlands. If interested, please contact Ana Nieves.

Professor Jane Weintraub co-leads a four-week trip to Ghana as part of AFAM -03 Cross Cultural Research in Ghana course. This is an intensive, short-term cross-cultural exchange that provides significant experience in research and creative practices. Please contact Jane Weintraub to learn more.


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