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The Media minor is designed to meet the growing demand for media literacy skills. Media minors will gain practical and theoretical knowledge of media forms and media production.

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Degree Requirements 

Media minors must complete a total of 18 credits.


Core Courses

  • CMTM 160 The Art of Film and Video

  • CMTM 265 Mass Media and Society

One course in Media Production/Writing

  • CMTM 205 Fundamentals of Media Writing

  • CMTM 260 Introduction to Video Production

  • CMTM 360 Advanced Video Production*

  • CMTM 361 Digital Video Editing*

  • CMTM 362 Video Production Workshop*

  • CMTM 364 Writing for Media

  • CMTM 366 Multimedia Storytelling

  • CMTM 367 News Writing**

One course in Media Content/Theory

  • CMTM 363 Documentary Film

  • CMTM 365 Contemporary Issues in Mass Media***

  • CMTM 370 Public Relations

  • CMTM 371 American Cinema I

  • CMTM 372 American Cinema II

  • CMTM 373 World Cinema

  • CMTM 376 Television History

  • CMTM 377 Gender and Media

Two elective courses in Media (CMTM)

  • One any-level CMTM course

  • One 300-level CMTM course

Note: *CMTM-260 prerequisite, **CMTM-205 prerequisite, ***CMTM-265 prerequisite

Program Contact Information 

To declare a Media minor visit our main office (FA 240). For more information call 773-442-5950 or email

Communication, Media and Theatre

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