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The Journalism minor trains students to write, report, and produce stories for the media industry. Classes explore new media while focusing on traditional journalistic ethics of fairness and accuracy.

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Degree Requirements 

Journalism minors must complete a total of 18 credit hours


Required Courses (9 credits)

  • CMTM 105 Introduction to Journalism

  • CMTM 205 Fundamentals of Media Writing

  • CMTM 367 News Writing*

Required: Production (3 credits) from the following:

  • CMTM 250 Introduction to Audio Production

  • CMTM 260 Introduction to Video Production

  • CMTM 361 Digital Video Editing**

Required: Media Literacy and Ethics (3 credits) from the following:

  • CMTM 265 Mass Media and Society

  • CMTM 378 New Media Technologies

  • CMTM 365 Contemporary Issues in Mass Media ***

  • CMTM 379 Media Law and Ethics

Required: Applied Skills (3 credits) from the following:

  • CMTM 368 Community Media

  • CMTM 366 Multimedia Storytelling****

  • CMTC 383 Professional Internship*****

  • CMTM 386 Seminar in Professional Experience*****

Note: *CMTM 205 prerequisite, ** CMTM 260 prerequisite, *** CMT 265 prerequisite, **** CMTM 250 or CMTM 260 prerequisite, ***** Application process required

Program Contact Information 

To declare a Journalism minor visit our main office (FA 240). For more information call 773-442-5950 or email

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Communication, Media and Theatre

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