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The Communication, Media and Theatre minor allows students to take coursework in all three areas of Communication, Media, and Theatre at both the intermediate and the advanced course levels.

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Degree Requirements 

Communication, Media and Theatre minors must complete a total of 21 hours.


Core Required Course (choose one; 3 credits)

  • CMTC 101 Public Speaking

  • CMTC 202 Voice and Diction

Required: One course in Communication (3 credits)

  • CMTC 213 Interpersonal Communication

  • CMTC 214 Business and Professional Communication

  • CMTC 215 Small Group Communication

Required: One course in Media (3 credits)

  • CMTM 205 Fundamentals of Media Writing

  • CMTM 260 Introduction to Video Production

  • CMTM 265 Mass Media and Society

One course in Theatre (3 credits)

  • CMTT 130 Introduction to Theatre

  • CMTT 221 Acting I

  • CMTT 240 Stagecraft

Three 300-level elective courses (9 credits)

  • Choose from any 300-level courses in Communication, Media, or Theatre

Program Contact Information 

To declare a Communication minor visit our main office (FA 240). For more information call 773-442-5950 or email

Communication, Media and Theatre

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