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Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences Education Program

Thinking of Becoming a Teacher?

Prepare for a career in teaching from the first college class you take in NEIU”s College of Arts & Sciences Education Program.

The College of Arts and Sciences Education Program (CASEP) offers first year students the opportunity to begin preparing for careers as teachers during their first semester at NEIU.  Students selected to join CASEP take specially-designated general education courses in their first and second years at NEIU.  Students in CASEP also become part of a cohort of like-minded students interested in the possibility of becoming teachers.  Courses in CASEP are often co-taught by faculty and may have education topics as part of their focus.  Students receive additional insights into careers in teaching by conducting elementary or secondary classroom observations in their first year of coursework.  The program is open to first-year, full-time students and has the support of an advisor and coordinator.  Please see application requirements below if interested.

Program Offers :

  • Priority registration
  • Specially-designed classes for groups of students who want to be teachers
  • Classes often co-taught by faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Education
  • Classroom observations beginning your first year
  • Opportunities for part-time employment in schools

This unique educational opportunity will help you to be :

  • A passionate life-long learner
  • Able to recognize and utilize a variety of teaching strategies
  • Sensitive to the diverse needs of students
  • Experienced in the use of technologies in the classroom
  • A leader of change in our schools

Reasons to join CASEP :

  • To become a role model for young people and to make a difference in their lives
  • To become a leader in your community and a catalyst for educational change
  • To become a confident communicator and a creative thinker
  • To become a successful student and a passionate lifelong learner
  • To build close relationships with peers who are pursuing a similar career path


Education Program (CASEP)

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