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The Art Education program provides a foundation of studio art and art history for students pursuing a career in art education.

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Admission to the Program 

Students wishing to be certified to teach art in secondary schools should consult the specific secondary education requirements in the College of Education.

Degree Requirements 

Prior to Entrance into the College of Education (COE), students MUST:


• Complete English 101 and College Math with a grade of “C” or above.

• Complete a majority of General Education credits.

• Begin coursework toward the Studio Art component of their major.

• Complete EDFN 305 and EDFN 306.


Students can apply to the COE once they have completed the required coursework and successfully passed the ICTS Basic Skills Test, which is offered several times a year. Students should consult with a pre-major advisor in COE regarding the application process and program-specific requirements.


Students must also complete HLED 107 or 312 and CMT 101 or 202 as part of their COE requirements, either before or after admission.


For general Northeastern admission requirements, the Admissions Office helps new and returning students through the application process. In addition, the Transfer Center assists transfer students and returning veterans transition to Northeastern.



All Northeastern students must meet the graduation requirements in order to successfully complete their degree, including completion of 120 hours of coursework with satisfactory grades.


Art history majors are required to complete 57 credit hours of art coursework (listed below), 28 hours of College of Education coursework (listed below), and, in addition, 39 credit hours of General Education requirements.


Required Core Courses      15 credits

ART-106      Art History I      3 credits

ART-107      Art History II      3 credits

ART-120      Drawing I      3 credits

ART-130      Two-Dimensional Design      3 credits

ART-140      Three-Dimensional Design      3 credits


Nine 200-level Courses      25 credits

ART-201      Contemporary Art      3 credits

ART-220      Drawing II      3 credits

ART-234      Color      3 credits

ART-230      Introduction to Painting      3 credits

ART-240      Introduction to Sculpture      3 credits

ART-250      Introduction to Printmaking      3 credits

ART-261      Introduction to Photography      3 credits

ART-270      Introduction to Ceramics      3 credits

ART-292      WIP: Professional Practices      1 credits


Six 300-level Courses      17 credits

ART-300      Three 300-level Studio Art (in concentration to be selected in consultation with your advisor)      9 credits

ART-300      Two 300-level Art History (to be selected with your advisor)      6 credits

ART-392a      WIP: Professional Practices      1 credit

ART-392b      WIP: Professional Practices      1 credit

Additionally, 28 hours of the following courses in the COE


EDFN-305      Philosophical and Historical Foundations of Public Education      3 credits

EDFN-306      Education and Individual Differences (This course includes 10 clock hours of clinical experience in an appropriate school.)      3 credits

EDFN-307      Psychology of Instruction and Learning (This course includes 10 clock hours of clinical experience in an appropriate school.)      3 credits

READ-301      Teaching Reading in Junior and Senior High School      3 credits

ELED-311      School Curriculum      3 credits

SCED-303      Methods of Teaching in the Secondary School      3 credits

SCED-304      Clinical Experiences in the Secondary School (This course requires 100 clock hours of clinical experience with a cooperating teacher in the appropriate subject at a local secondary school.)      1 credit

SCED-305      Secondary Student Teaching and Seminar (This course requires full-time experienced cooperating teacher in the appropriate subject at a local secondary school.)      9 credits


Total      28 credits

Licensing Requirements 

See the College of Education for Liscencing Requirements

Suggested 4-Year Course Schedule 

We encourage students to plan out their academic schedule. Whether you seek to graduate within four or five years or attend two or three courses per year, we will help you make a plan that fits your needs. Below is a sample schedule:


Fall 1

Spring 1

Fall 2

Spring 2

Fall 3

Spring 3

Fall 4

Spring 4


Gen Ed

Gen Ed

Gen Ed

Gen Ed

Gen Ed

Gen Ed


Gen Ed

Gen Ed









HLED 107 or 312

CMT 101 or 202

200 Art



Core Art

Core Art

200 Art

200 Art

200 Art

200 Art


Core Art

Core Art

200 Art

200 Art

300 Art

300 Art

300 Art





15 credits

15 credits

15 credits

15 credits

16 credits

16 credits

14 credits

9 credits




Students in the art education major have many opportunities to gain experience in education, studio art and art history. Students regularly work with experienced educators and students in local K–12 institutions, help to organize exhibitions on campus, show work in exhibitions and organize other art-related activities through various organizations such as our Art Club.




Looking to go beyond local opportunities? The department organizes annual educational trips to areas in Italy, Peru or China. Find out where we’re going next.

Program Contact Information 

If you are interested in pursuing an art education major at Northeastern, please contact Mark McKernin at or (773) 442-4943.


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