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The minor in Anthropology is a valuable complement to any major, and is for students who would like to learn an anthropological perspective but not become a major.  We offer a well-rounded minor based on the foundations of the three subdivisions of anthropology:  archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology, while giving students an opportunity to take courses focused on their interests.  Our program encourages field-based learning, data-oriented research, and a solid grounding in the theoretical constructs and ethics of the discipline.  Students who are interested in developing a multifaceted understanding of human diversity steeped in time, multicultural ethnographic comparisons, and the science of our physical form will find a variety of opportunities in our curriculum.  The anthropological perspective is well-suited to professional careers and for fostering an acceptance of others in an increasingly global and diverse society.   

Department Website

For more information or to declare a major or minor in anthropology, please contact the Anthropology Department at: 773 / 442 - 5860 or stop by our office in Brommel Hall (BBH 134).

Degree Requirements 

The Anthropology minor requires 19 hours of ANTH coursework. You must take ANTH 200 within 1 semester of declaring your minor. The remaining 200-level requirements are our 200 level foundation courses.  Since they serve as prerequisites for our 300-level classes, we strongly recommend taking these as soon as possible.


ANTH 200 Writing in Anthropology

1 cr.

ANTH-212 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

3 cr.

ANTH-213 Introduction to Archaeology

3 cr.

ANTH-215 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

3 cr.

Three 300-level ANTH electives

9 cr.


19 cr.


Any ANTH 300-level course may be taken to fulfill the nine elective hours, with the following exception: only three individualized study or field course hours may count toward your minor. These courses include independent study, fieldwork, internship, and field school hours. You can enroll in more than three of these hours, but only three hours count toward your minor.

Program Contact Information 

If you have additional questions, or need an academic course record filled out when you apply for graduation, contact the Anthropology Coordinator Dr. Jon Hageman


BBH 136



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