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WIP Peer Tutors - Fall 2015

WIP peer tutors support students enrolled in Writing Intensive Program (WIP) courses. Peer tutors help students of all abilities become better writers by helping them focus on every step of the writing process—from brainstorming ideas, pre-writing, and outlining to drafting, revising, and editing.

Below is a list of peer tutors for Fall 2015. Click on the name of the course for information about contacting the peer tutors, finding out their hours, and making an appointment.

To make an appointment to work with your WIP peer tutor, stop by CAW on the fourth floor of Ronald Williams Library or call (773) 442-4492.

ART 292, 392A, and 392B -- Eric Cortez

BIO 305 -- Emily Fioramonti and Sam Kempkiewicz

CHEM 213 -- Gaby Martinez

ECED 313 -- Emma Kumagai

ECON 320 -- Mike Hobson

ELED 302 -- Sara Plischke

ENGL 210 -- Nick Langenberg

GES 250 -- Patrick Sullivan

HRD 325 -- Nataliya Ripinskaya

LLAS 201 -- Xochitl Aleman

MNGT 370 -- Courtney Munson

MUS 391 -- Debbie Crosser

NDP 310 -- Cris Benson

PEMT 316 -- Steve Ryder

PSCI 251 -- Diane Knuth

PSYC 202 -- Stephen Kozak and Meghan Staley

SOC 245 -- Tali Arroyo

SWK 303 -- Hannah Higgins and Anthony Tharpe

SWK 322 -- Hannah Higgins and Anthony Tharpe

WGS 201 -- Tali Arroyo

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