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550th Visit

Thursday, November 19 marked the 550th visit at CAW this semester! Rosseli came in to work with ELED 302 WIP peer tutor Sara and received a folder and certificate to mark her visit.

500th Visit

CAW celebrated its 500th visit of the semester on Wednesday, November 11 when Patricia came in to work with NDP 310 peer tutor Cris. Thank you to all WIP students, peer tutors and faculty for making this such a successful semester at CAW. But don't forget - it's not over yet! Stop by CAW on the fourth floor of the library or call (773) 442-4492 to make an appointment today to see your WIP peer tutor.

450th Visit

CAW celebrated its 450th visit of the semester on Tuesday, November 3 when Kim came in to work with SWK 303 peer tutor Hannah! Congratulations to both of you on your hard work!

Cemetery for Academic Writing

Get ready for the Cemetery for Academic Writing! In the month of October, all students who visit with a WIP peer tutor will win a small prize and will be entered to win an NEIU prize at the end of the month. All 1-on-1 and workshop visits count. Call CAW at (773) 442-4492 or stop by and see us on the fourth floor of the library to make your appointment today!

400th Visit!

CAW celebrated its 400th visit of the semester on Tuesday, October 27 with another phone appointment! Fabiola spoke with GES 250 peer tutor Patrick. She will be getting a certificate and an NEIU key chain for working with Patrick.

350th Visit!

Two milestone visits in one week! On Wednesday, October 21, Fajila came in to work with ECED 313 peer tutor Emma in an appointment outside of Emma's regular hours. Fajila received a certificate and NEIU prize for meeting with her peer tutor.

300th Visit!

CAW celebrated its 300th visit of the semester with a PSYC 202 workshop on Monday, October 19! Steve, Aleksandra, Daisy, and DeMara all met with PSYC 202 WIP peer tutor Meghan to go over paraphrasing and in-text citations and all received an NEIU pen and certificate. PSYC 202 students: keep in mind that this workshop and the one next week on synthesizing sources will be the last PSYC 202 workshops at CAW for the semester. Call (773) 442-4492 today to reserve your spot!

Thank-a-Professor Day at NEIU

The Center for Academic Writing would like to Thank-Many-Professors for their commitment to the Writing Intensive Program and helping WIP students to improve their disciplinary writing skills.

Thank you to the many past and current WIP faculty for your work and support of the Center for Academic Writing, WIP peer tutors, and WIP students.

A special thanks to our Fall 2015 WIP faculty:

Jody Ahlm Laurie Fuller Seung-Hwan Mun
Lorie Annarella Charles Funk Selina Mushi
Michael Armato Emily Garcia Bill Paine
Kimya Barden Pam Geddes Marina Polyashuk
Tim Barnett Melissa Hart Yelena Polyashuk
Sue Berkman Aimee Hilado Nanette Potee
Hossein Birjandi Yvonne Isom Raja Roy
Jean Boulware David Kern Jennifer Slate
Deborah Brown Julie Kim Lydia Snow
Jeffrey Bulanda Sung Doo Kim Jade Stanley
Elaine Chakonas Deanna Krueger June Terpstra
Martyn De Bruyn Kayla Martensen Emma Turian
Diego Fernandez Nathan Mathews Felipe Valdivieso
Robyn Flakne Nancy McVittie Jacqueline Ward
Steven Frankel Chandana Meegoda Shencheng Xu

250th Visit!

WIP peer tutors and students are working hard! Monday, October 12 was 250th visit of the semester when Raad came in for a CHEM 213 workshop with WIP peer tutor Gaby. WIP students: find out if your WIP peer tutor(s) are offering workshops like this one!

200th Visit!

Tuesday, October 7 marked our 200th visit of the semester! Courtney stopped by to work with WGS 201 (and SOC 245) peer tutor Tali! Courtney received a certificate and NEIU keychain to mark her milestone visit. (See the spiders and spooky decorations in the background? Come check out the Cemetery for Academic Writing throughout October!)

150th Visit!

We celebrated our 150th visit of the semester on Tuesday, September 29 when Karla came to visit LLAS 201 peer tutor, Xochitl! Thanks to all WIP students and peer tutors for such a great first month of the semester!

100th Visit!

Another week, another milestone visit! Maryam came in September 22 as a walk-in to work with ENGL 210 peer tutor Nick. Maryam received a keychain and will also receive a certificate to mark her visit. WIP students and peer tutors are keeping CAW buzzing this semester!

50th Visit!

Only a week after tutoring began for the semester, we've already reached our 50th visit! Patrick, our GES 250 peer tutor, set up a phone appointment with Kellie, who is taking a fully online course and does not live in the Chicago area! We will be mailing Kellie her 50th visit certificate and an NEIU keychain.

1st Visit!

Tutoring started today, and we've already had several visits (and several more already scheduled)! Our first official visit of the semester was with Veronika who came in to work with SWK 303 peer tutor, Hannah. Veronika received a certificate and NEIU keychain to celebrate this occasion. It looks like we're already off to a busy start!

Fall 2015 WIP Peer Tutoring Begins Tuesday, September 8

CAW is open and ready for appointments on Tuesday, September 8! To make an appointment with a WIP peer tutor or reserve a spot in a workshop, call the Center for Academic Writing at (773) 442-4492 or stop by and see us on the fourth floor of the library. Information on peer tutors' schedules is available on the WIP Peer Tutors Fall 2015 page.


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