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Spring 2013 Constituency Meeting

Make Your Voice Heard by Providing Feedback to Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Priorities

Please join A&P colleagues at the constituency meeting on Tuesday, February 5th, between 1:30pm – 2:30pm in B 146. Blase Masini and Barbara Cosentino, the A&P representatives on the University Planning and Budget Council (UPBC), will present the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Priorities. Blase and Barbara will explain the UPBC process for soliciting feedback and comments from faculty, staff and students, and will discuss the survey that will be sent following the presentation.

Coffee, tea, and cookies will be served. We look forward to seeing you at this important meeting!

Changing Scene and a New Council Member

A&P Council wishes former Council Secretary Jennifer Kass the best of luck in her new job at another state university. Council member Barbara Sherry has graciously agreed to step in as the new Council Secretary. In addition, the Council welcomes Wojciech Wloch as our newest member who replaces Jennifer and whose term of duties will expire in 2014.

University Colloquium on Creativity, Innovation and the Future

The second public forum of our innovation initiatives, “Imagine the Possibilities, Part II: University Colloquium on Creativity, Innovation and the Future”, was held on Friday, November 2, at 8:30 a.m. in Alumni Hall. Click here for the event flyer with details of the morning.

The Colloquium was sponsored by our shared governance groups—Student Government Association, A and P Council, Civil Service Council and Faculty Senate—as well as the Great Service Matters Committee, the vice presidents, and the Office of the President.

Responding to an online pre-colloquium survey, A&P members shared with us what they thought was the most important issue facing the University. The members expressed their concerns with the macro-environmental factors, such as disruptions in the current higher education model, increasing commoditization of higher education industry, state-level fiscal resources; and internal issues, such as declining enrollment, low retention, the need for shared goals, the need to develop a strong academic community for student success, the need to develop a culture of caring, communication issues, lack of accountability and trust, funding for programs and services, the need for creating new approaches to innovative teaching and learning.

Thank you all for your participation and input.

2012 A&P Constituent Survey Results

We would like to thank all A&P employees who participated in the 2012 Constituent Survey. Your opinions and input are invaluable in helping us develop new programs and activities to increase social support, networking, and professional development opportunities.

A&P Constituents Approved a 7-Member A&P Council

In May 2012 the A&P Council had requested a vote from the constituency on the proposed amendment of the bylaws, under which the A&P Council membership would expand from its current state of 5 members to 7 members. A majority of the respondents has voted to approve this amendment to the bylaws.

Please find a copy of the amended bylaws in the About Us section.

Non-Negotiated Employee Discipline Appeal Procedure

The Non-Negotiated Employee Discipline Appeal Procedure which applies to all non-negotiated Civil Service and Administrative and Professional (A&P) employees has become effective on 7/12/2012. A copy of the Procedure can be found in the NEIU Policy Library, as well as on this website in the Resources section.

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