Graduation Requirements (Bachelor's Degree Candidates)

Refer to the NEIU Academic Catalog for specific information regarding undergraduate graduation requirements.

  1. General Education Requirements (including Math/Quantitative Reasoning)
  2. English 101 or equivalent
  3. Students admitted Fall 2008 and after must complete a writing intensive (WIP) course.
  4. Improving Human Relations Requirement
  5. Declaring a Major
  6. Major Program Requirements
  7. 24 credit hours of upper division (300 level) and 18 credit hours at either the 200- or 300-level
  8. credit hours residency requirement
  9. Filing for Graduation
  10. Successful completion of at least 120 semester hours
  11. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above. Some academic programs and departments have other specific grade requirements.


Graduation Requirements (Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies &the University Without Walls)

Contact the Nontraditional Degree Programs Office (773-442-6030) or see the NDP website for Specific information regarding BAIS and UWW graduation requirements.

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