Online, Hybrid and Videoconferencing Courses

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses (also called blended courses) combine face-to-face sessions and online instruction. The pattern of specific meeting times for face-to-face sessions varies by course.

Videoconferencing Courses

Northeastern Illinois University offers selected courses that are delivered through a two-way interactive video teleconferencing network. A course that is offered on the network will be identified as a “Videoconferencing Course”.





If you are considering taking online or hybrid courses at Northeastern Illinois University, we've created a sample online course called Is Online Learning Right for You? This course not only shows you what an online course is like, it also helps you to decide if your study skills, personal schedule, and access to technology would make you a good online student. To begin,


1.     Log in to NEIUport with your NEIU NetID and password.

2.     Click the Desire2Learn icon in the quick-links at the top of the screen.
Result: Desire2Learn (D2L) opens in a new window and displays your personal home screen.

3.     In Desire2Learn, click the course name NEIU Sample Online Course: Is Online Learning Right for You? in the My NEIU Courses area at the bottom of the home screen.


No matter how you take courses at NEIU, we hope you’ll log in to D2L and look at our new learning management system. To see when your college will begin using D2L, and to see D2L quick-guides for students and instructors, see


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