Drop Deadlines and Financial Aid Eligibility

Most Financial Aid Programs will be based on your

TOTAL ENROLLED HOURS as of End of Business Day on January 21, 2014.

Most Financial Aid Programs WILL NOT PAY for classes dropped during the 90% refund period, January 4 – January 20, 2014.  Students will be responsible for the 10% cost of classes dropped during this period.

Students with Illinois Veterans Grant and Illinois National Guard will have this 10% covered; however, this will impact Eligibility Units available for future payments. See Tuition and Fees Refund/Credit Schedule for more information about add/drop deadlines.

Once tuition and fees have been paid, students may use excess funds toward books at Beck's Bookstore during the first week of classes. Check the Financial Aid website for dates, times & locations. Any excess financial aid funds remaining will be issued as a disbursement refund to the student. See Disbursement page for more details.

For additional information, check the NEIU website: or e-mail us at

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